Teaching Concepts:
Andreas Brade is experienced in teaching students ranging in ages from 6 to 50 years through leading drum methods personally studied and explored. Books include George B. Stones Stick Control, Ted Reeds Syncopation, Louis Bellsons Modern Reading and additional material by Vic Firth, Garwood Whaley, Ed Uribe, Rick Latham and John Riley as well as his own developed teaching methods based on teaching experience and information exchanged with well established drum instructors. In his over ten years of teaching, Andreas has taught ensembles, lead masterclasses, worked with students in all levels and gained experience in teaching students with special needs.

Teaching Method:
  • Development of technical skills, sight reading and independence for snare drum and drum set.
  • Studies of different styles including: Jazz, Rock, Funk, R&B, Brazilian, Afro-cuban and World music.
  • Focus on improvisation and music theory.
  • Establishments of individual practice schedules and awareness of mental approaches.
  • Preparation for full time college studies.
  • Instruction on a variety of hand percussion instruments.
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